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Does your parking put lives at risk?

Firefighters have urged the public to consider whether their parking is putting others at risk after crews were unable to access a fire hydrant yesterday.

While tackling a bungalow fire in Jaywick, crews were unable to access a fire hydrant as a car was parked on top of it.

Crew Manager Jeremy Castle from Clacton Fire Station said: “When we couldn’t access the fire hydrant, it cost us valuable time in dealing with the fire while we located another water source.

“Please consider where you have parked, are you blocking access to a fire hydrant and have you left enough room for emergency service vehicles to get through?

“Every second we are delayed could be the difference between life and death or your property being destroyed.”

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has approximately 33,000 fire hydrants spread throughout the county and a dedicated team of Hydrant Examiners who test and maintain each hydrant to ensure availability in case of an emergency.

Under the Fire and Rescue Services Act Section 42 it is illegal to obstruct a fire hydrant. This includes parking over or too near to a fire hydrant. Anyone found to be obstructing a fire hydrant can be convicted and be fined.

The Service encourages members of the public to contact them to report a damaged fire hydrant; to do this call 01376 57600 or email with the hydrant number and the location.

Did you know?

  • Fire hydrants are identified by a square yellow plastic indicator sign with a black "H" symbol or a yellow concrete marker post so they are easily visible to fire crews
  • A team of highly skilled ECFRS technicians continually carry out maintenance and repairs to ensure all fire hydrants are readily available when they are needed
  • ECFRS is continuously adding new fire hydrants to the network to provide adequate fire hydrant coverage for new developments and building projects across Essex
  • The Service offers a chargeable service to carry out annual testing of private fire hydrants and dry-risers. If you would like more information on this professional service, call 01376 576000
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