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Do you live or work close to Dovercourt Fire Station?

Dovercourt Fire Station is on the look out for people who spend their days or nights close by.

The fire station, which is based on Fronks Road, is recruiting on-call firefighters; people who live or work within five minutes of the station and are paid to respond to incidents when called upon.

Quentin Sage, Station Manager, said: “During the ongoing pandemic we’ve seen a real shift in community spirit - people are continually asking how they can support public services and make a difference to where they live.

"The message is simple - if you live close enough then please consider applying to be an on-call firefighter, and if you don’t live close enough, then show your support by sharing our recruitment messages.

"And please, keep that community spirit and positivity going. The Thursday night clapping may have finished but you can still show your appreciation for our crews by simply recognising the time and commitment they give to keep you safe."

On-call firefighters are paid a standby rate and an additional hourly rate for attending incidents and training. The amount on-call firefighters get paid depends on their availability but they can earn anywhere between £4,000 and £8,000 a year, sometimes more.

To become one of Essex's 500+ on-call firefighters, you’ll need to pass an assessment day including a fitness test, which you'll be supported through by the Service Fitness Team.

After passing your initial fitness test, you'll spend two full weeks training at ECFRS's Service Training Centre followed by a further evening session for 10 weeks.

Jamie Bliss, one of Dovercourt's on-call firefighters, said: "I fit my on-call firefighter role around my job and personal life with great help from my girlfriend and family.

"The thing I love most about being an on-call firefighter is helping those in need and in trouble as well as the satisfaction of knowing I’ve made a difference to someone by helping them. I also love that the Fire Service is one big family."

Between Monday 20 July - Friday 24 July the station is holding a recruitment week.

Although it’s not possible to visit the station at the moment, the team will be available for a telephone call, email chat or video call.

Whether this is the first time you’ve considered the role, been thinking about it for a while, or just want to ask some questions, get in touch.

Email for more information or to arrange a chat.

Visit for more general information about the role.

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