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Charity Tuesday: Lyndsey volunteers to deliver food parcels

Lyndsey Gymer, an on-call firefighter at Maldon Fire Station, has been going beyond the call of duty to deliver food parcels to those in need.

She got chatting to the owners of eco-friendly “refill” shop Silo, in Maldon, and found out it was doing deliveries to help people when the supermarkets began to run empty.

However, they were struggling to keep up with demand.

Lyndsey said: “People would email in orders and between them the sisters, Charlotte and Lucie, would process, pack and deliver the orders.

“They put out a message on their social media pages saying that orders would be delayed or may have to stop taking orders as they just couldn’t keep up.

“I sent Charlotte a message offering to help deliver any outstanding and future orders if it helped them out saying that we northerners had to stick together in times like this!

“The very next day I was there picking up numerous boxes and bags of orders to be delivered to people locally.

“Charlotte offered to pay me, but I said I was more than happy to help if it meant the local people could get their basic supplies delivered."

Page last updated 7 April 2020

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