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Charity Tuesday: Firefighter raises £700 after running 52 miles in 2 days

An Essex County Fire and Rescue Service firefighter has raised £700 for The Fire Fighters Charity after running 52miles, the equivalent of two marathons, in 48 hours.

On 3 July, Watch Manager Andre Turner laced up his trainers at 6am for his first of 13 runs. After clocking 4 miles in just under 35 minutes, Andre rested before his next run 4 mile run just 4 hours later…a cycle he repeated every 4 hours for 2 days.

He had company on some of the runs with family and friends joining in throughout the weekend while he completed the 48 miles in 48 hours challenge, devised by ex-US Navy Seal David Goggins who has been crowned one of the toughest men in the world.

But to stretch himself even further physically and mentally, Andre added an extra 4 miles onto the challenge which he ran while carrying 16.5kg - the equivalent of our firefighter Breathing Apparatus, trousers and boots - to run 52 miles in total.

Andre said: “It wasn't as bad as expected, the time between runs just seemed to disappear. Finding a routine of eating and drinking immediately after finishing each run seemed to work.”

To support Andre in his fundraising efforts, head over to his JustGiving page.

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