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Be extra flippin careful this Pancake Day!

Did you know that half of all house fires start in the kitchen?

While Pancake Day is a British family favourite and tradition for many of us, it’s also by far the day where most smoke alarms go off.

Why’s that? Well, put simply: family fun can also mean fire, if basic safety precautions aren’t taken. We want you to enjoy whipping up your pancakes – especially if you’re planning on doing so with children.

So, follow our safety tips and you’ll be sure to enjoy your finest creations (with a generous dash of lemon juice or syrup) in no time:

  • Your child might be a dab hand at flipping pancakes… but don’t treat them like a top chef and leave them alone with the pan!
  • Don’t leave the hob on inbetween eating your pancakes. It might save you the time to re-heat the pan, but it could quickly develop into a fire if unattended.
  • Keep all materials – including tea towels, cloths and kitchen roll - well away from the cooking area. If you’re wearing loose clothing, take extra care.
  • If the oil in the pan starts to smoke, it’s too hot and potentially about to ignite. Turn the gas down and avoid burning your meal!
  • If you’re not the best cook, your smoke alarm might let you know… but make sure it’s in good working order. Push the button to test it before you start cooking.
  • If the pan does ignite, don’t try to pour water on it or take any risks: get out, stay out and call the fire service out.

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