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Key Stage Five

On this page, you can learn about staying safe around fire, water, beaches, the sun, railways, electricity and at home. These short video lessons are suitable for children in Key Stage Five, ages sixteen to eighteen. 

If you would like a certificate of completion for any of the lessons below, please email: with your name, age, school and the lesson you completed.

1. Knife Crime

In this lesson, you will learn about the consequences of carrying and using a knife, what your responsibilities are if your friend is caught carrying a knife, and how to handle peer pressure.

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2: No Knives, Better Lives

In this clip, you'll learn more about why knife crime is so dangerous and what kind of trouble you could end up in if you or your friend are caught with a knife.

[Video courtesy of No Knives Better Lives]

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3: Making Safer Journeys

In this video, you can learn how to stay safe on the roads, whether you're a pedestrian or a passenger in a moving vehicle.

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4: Hate Crime

Do you know what a hate crime is or how to report one? Watch this video to learn more.

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5: Bonfires and Fireworks

Learn how you can stay safe around fireworks and bonfires. 

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6: What do healthy relationships look like?

In this video, we'll share what a positive relationship looks like, the effect of negative relationships and the importance of consent.

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7: Gang Awareness

In this lesson, we'll talk about what criminal activities are typically carried out by gangs, the consequences of joining or having involvement with a gang and the 'recruitment' techniques used by gangs. We'll also share information about the support available to you if you find yourself involved with a gang.

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8: Summer Safety

Everything you need to know to stay safe this summer.

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9: Could you survive in cold water?

The RNLI demonstrate how to survive if you find yourself in cold water unexpectedly.

[Video courtesy of The RNLI].

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10: Home Safety and Security

This lesson focuses on recognising the causes of fires at home. We'll look at how you can prevent fires, the importance of escape plans, home security and the risks you might come across.

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11: Hoax Calls and Arson Prevention

Learn about hoax calls, arson prevention and how you can help to make sure we're available when you need us.

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If you would like a certificate of completion for any of these lessons, please email: with your name, age, school and the lesson they completed.

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