Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Storage containers affected by accidental fire

Orsett Road, Thurrock
25/06/2022 @ 15:07
Incident Number: 170652
In attendance: 1 x Grays, 1 x Orsett, 1 x Basildon, 1 x Corringham

Crews were called to Orsett Road, Thurrock at 3:07pm after a fire broke out in a log pile and spread to nearby storage containers.

On arrival, firefighters confirmed that a large pile of logs contained within a storage shed had caught alight and had spread to two of the surrounding ISO storage containers.

Crews worked hard to extinguish the fire by 4:48pm.

An investigation concluded the fire had started accidentally.

Watch Manager at Basildon Fire Station, Mark Blakebrough, said: “I’d like to thank the crews for working quickly and efficiently this afternoon. They managed to prevent the fire from spreading further, and the damage was contained to the affected storage units.”

To reduce your chances of a fire occurring in your garden, remember:

  • Make sure bonfires are at least 18 metres (60ft) away from houses, trees, hedges, fences, and sheds
  • Only burn dry materials – damp materials will cause excess smoke
  • Never put aerosols, batteries, tins of paint or tyres on a fire
  • Keep a bucket of water or garden hose nearby
  • Do not leave the fire unattended, and make sure it is fully out before heading inside

Could you be an on-call firefighter?

Some of the firefighters who attended this incident are on-call firefighters, who live or work within 5 minutes of an on-call fire station and are paid to attend incidents in their community.

If you live or work within 5 minutes of an on-call fire station, you could be an on-call firefighter.

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