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PICTURES: House fire after charger ignites

Nightingales, Langdon Hills
15/06/2022 @ 21:42
Incident Number: 169962
In attendance: 1 x Basildon, 1 x Orsett, 1 x Wickford, 1 x Grays (Aerial Ladder Platform)

Firefighters were called to the scene of a house fire in Langdon Hills (near Basildon) on Tuesday evening.

On arrival, crews reported that the first floor of the building, which is terraced and measures approximately 8 metres by 5 metres, was well alight.

The officer in charge immediately called for the support of an Aerial Ladder Platform, which allows firefighters to spray water from height, to help get the fire under control.

Essex Police officers were also called to the scene to support with a safety cordon to allow firefighting to take place safely.

By 10.30pm, firefighters had managed to contain the fire.

The fire was out by 11.17pm. Unfortunately, due to the extent of the damage, the occupants have been left homeless.

An investigation into the cause of the fire found that it was caused accidentally after a charger overheated and ignited in the bedroom.

John-Paul Charters, Watch Manager, said: "Firefighters worked incredibly hard here to make sure the fire was contained as much as possible. When we arrived, the fire was spreading quickly and could very easily have affected neighbouring properties. Unfortunately, the home the fire started in has been destroyed.

"We believe this incident was caused after a charger overheated - something which happens more than you might think. Please, when using chargers, don't leave them on for long periods or unattended - it isn't worth the risk.

Chargers - follow our safety advice

  • Don’t leave items on charge or plugged in overnight or while you are out of the house.
  • Never leave plugged in and turned on when they are not in use.
  • Don’t leave items on charge for long periods.
  • Only use the charger supplied by the manufacturer.

You can find more home fire safety advice here.

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