Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Firefighters urge people not to climb on rocks after late night rescue

The Pier, Clacton
03/05/2022 @ 22:39
Incident Number: 167167
In attendance: 1 x Clacton, 1 x Weeley

Firefighters are warning people of the dangers of climbing coastal rocks after rescuing a man in Clacton last night.

Our crews and colleagues from the coastguard were called to the pier at 22.39 following reports a man had slipped on the rocks and had got stuck in the breakwater.

The tide was coming in and firefighters used straps to pull him out. Fortunately he was not badly hurt.

Clacton Crew Manager Andrew Deex said: “He had been there quite a while. He had been sitting on the rocks, dropped his mobile phone in between the gaps and had got stuck when he tried to retrieve it. Luckily he had someone with him who called for help, otherwise it could have been a very different story. It was dark and the tide was coming in.”

Andrew added: “We would urge people not to climb on rocks by the sea, especially at night.”

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