Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Chimney fire

Beaumont Hill, Great Dunmow
28/12/2021 @ 16:08
Incident Number: 150915
In attendance: 1 x Dunmow, 1 x Thaxted

Firefighters were called to a chimney fire in Great Dunmow earlier today.

Crews used chimney rods and a stirrup pump to extinguish the fire by 4:55pm.

Most chimney fires are preventable. Regular inspection and cleaning of chimney flues will help prevent fires within chimneys. Keep your family and home safe by following our chimney safety advice:

  • Have your chimney swept at least once a year, or more frequently if you burn wood
  • Do not stack fires too high and remember to let them burn down well before you go to bed
  • Use a fire or spark guard
  • Do not place objects on or over the mantle-piece which may cause you to stand too close to the fire to reach or use them
  • Inspect your chimney regularly - particularly in the roof space - to ensure that it is sound and that sparks or fumes cannot escape through cracks or broken bricks
  • Avoid burning resinous woods as soot builds up quickly. Suitable seasoned timber must be used in all solid fuel stoves
  • Buy only suitable fuels. Using the wrong type of fuel on a liner will reduce the life of the liner considerably due to increased corrosion

Could you be an on-call firefighter?

Firefighters from Dunmow and Thaxted are on-call firefighters, who all live or work within 5 minutes of an on-call fire station and attend incidents.

If you live or work within 5 minutes of an on-call fire station, you could be an on-call firefighter and be paid to protect your community.

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