Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Bonfire out of control

Writtle Close, Clacton
19/11/2021 @ 13:55
Incident Number: 156716
In attendance: 1 x Clacton

Firefighters have given safety advice after two people suffered smoke inhalation when a bonfire spread out of control.

A crew from Clacton was called to Writtle Close in Clacton to a bonfire that had spread out of control and the two occupants had suffered smoke inhalation.

Crews extinguished the fire by 2:17pm.

Crew Manager Andy Anderson from Clacton Fire Station said: “The occupants had done the right thing by having the hose laid out while keeping an eye on the bonfire but when it got out of control, they were too close while putting it out.

“Always dial 999 when a bonfire starts to spread out of control so that we are en route. If you can and it is safe to do so, cool down the surrounding areas with the hose to stop fire spread as much as possible. Please do this from a safe distance so you’re not close to the smoke.

“Never leave a bonfire unattended and never place it too close to sheds, trees, fences and plants as they can quickly burn out of control.”

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