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PHOTOS: Fallen tree on power line

Powers Hall End, Witham
19/10/2021 @ 21:17
Incident Number: 154583
In attendance: 2 x Witham

On-call firefighters from Witham worked with the electricity board to help restore power to houses in Witham after a tree fell onto a power line last night.

Two crews from Witham were called to Powers Hall End at 9:17pm after a tree had fallen across the road and onto a power line.

Firefighter Nicola Roe from Witham Fire Station said: “Our first priority was to isolate the power as the tree had fallen onto the power line and was leaning against a house.

“We then worked to cut branches from the tree to release the cable and ensure the residents had their power back as soon as possible. Due to the tree blocking their entry door to their property, we were able to clear parts of the tree using our tools to clear this access to ensure the occupants could evacuate their house from both the front and the back in the event of a further emergency.”

Crews worked with the electricity board to remove the tree from the power line and the road by 1:38am.

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