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PHOTOS: Firefighters rescue cat from roof

Heatley Way, Colchester
06/10/2021 @ 10:50
Incident Number: 153715
In attendance: 1 x Colchester Aerial Ladder Platform

Firefighters rescued a cat from a roof in Colchester earlier today.

Crews were called by the RSPCA to Heatley Way in Colchester at 10:50am where Shadow the curious cat had climbed to the top of a roof and had been stuck overnight.

Crews from Colchester Fire Station used their Aerial Ladder Platform to rescue the 8-month-old cat and bring it back down to safety.

The cat was unharmed and left in the care of its owner.

Station Manager Ryan Ainger said: "As a fire and rescue service, it's not just fires that we get called to. Sometimes our partners in the RSPCA calls us to assist with animal rescues where it would be too dangerous for them or members of the public to attempt to rescue the animal themselves. 

"At this incident, due to the pitch of the roof, we were unable to reach the cat using our ladders so we requested the help of Colchester firefighters with their Aerial Ladder Platform. This helped us get to the top of the roof quickly and safely and we were able to rescue the cat.

"If you come across an animal that is trapped, please do not attempt to rescue it yourself if it puts you in harm's way. instead, please call the RSPCA who will call us if they need us."

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