Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Eleven people rescued from flooded road

Cow Watering Lane, Writtle
05/10/2021 @ 17:16
Incident Number: 153673
In attendance: 2 x Chelmsford, 1 x Leigh

Firefighters are urging drivers not to risk driving through floodwater after we were called to rescue 11 people in a minibus trapped in a ford.

Crews were called to Cow Watering Lane in Writtle at 5:15pm where a minibus was trapped in floodwater.

On arrival, crews reported that the vehicle was stuck in approximately four feet of water.

Firefighters from Leigh Fire Station who are swift water rescue trained used inflatable boats to rescue 11 people who were trapped up to their waists in water.

All 11 people were rescued by 6:33pm.

Crew Manager Tom Whiteley from Chelmsford Fire Station said: “Please do not risk driving through flooded roads. Instead, turn around and find another route.

“It takes less water than you might think for a vehicle to float and become uncontrollable. The flow of the water this evening took the minibus downstream.

“Please take care on the roads, more wet weather is due and we anticipate more flooded roads. If you are not sure how deep the water is on the road, do not take the risk of driving through it. Turn around and find another route instead.”

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