Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Hot embers cause garden fire

Orchard Place, Clacton
09/09/2021 @ 11:35
Incident Number: 151900
In attendance: 1 x Clacton

Crews have issued safety advice after hot embers started a garden fire.

Firefighters were called to Orchard Place, Clacton today at 11.35am and found a fire had spread to three gardens, with trees, hedges and fences alight.

The Clacton crew quickly stopped the fire from spreading to nearby properties, including a large outbuilding.

Crew Manager Andy Anderson said: "The fire was well-developed and spreading quickly in the dry, breezy conditions.

"It was only the hard work from crews that prevented it from causing more damage.

"The incident is a reminder to dispose of hot embers or ash safely. Wait for them to fully cool down before putting them in the bin and use water if you need to.

"If they are embers from a bonfire, ensure they have fully cooled before you leave the bonfire unattended as the embers can set nearby materials alight - in this case a fence - alight."

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