Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Hot embers cause shed fire

Laxton Court, Colchester
26/08/2021 @ 12:29
Incident Number: 150954
In attendance: 1 x Colchester, 1 x Wivenhoe

Firefighters were called to a shed fire caused by hot embers in Colchester earlier today.

On arrival, crews reported that a shed measuring 5 metres by 4 metres was on fire and worked to extinguish it by 1:20pm.

Watch Manager Pete Donovan from Colchester Fire Station said: “If you need to dispose of hot embers or ashes, wait for them to fully cool down before putting them in the bin, use water if you need to. If they are embers from a bonfire, ensure they have fully cooled before you leave the bonfire unattended as the embers can spread in the wind and catch nearby materials alight.”

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