Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Cat rescued from fence

Kenneth Road, Thundersley
13/06/2021 @ 04:36
Incident Number: 146101
In attendance: 1 x Leigh

Firefighters rescued a cat which was impaled on a metal fence.

A crew from Leigh Fire Station attended Kenneth Road, Thundersley today at 4.36am after a resident heard the cat in distress and called 999. 

Crew Manager Chris Seal said: "One of the cat's back legs had been impaled by a metal spike above a side gate.

"We used our cutting tools to remove the spike just below the point of entry. The resident gave us a crate to put the cat in and we took it to a vet.

"It is always horrible to see an animal in distress so we were pleased that we were able to release it quickly."  

Crews rescued the cat, which had a microchip, at 5.11am.

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