Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


PHOTOS: Calf rescued from water

Mill Lane, Dedham
10/05/2021 @ 09:13
Incident Number: 144097
In attendance: 2 x Colchester, 1 x Chelmsford Animal Rescue Unit 

Firefighters waded into the water today to rescue a calf that was tangled in the undergrowth of the River Stour in Dedham.

Swift Water Rescue trained firefighters from Colchester and our Animal Rescue Unit from Chelmsford were called to rescue the calf after it had gone for a dip and was unable to get back out.

Firefighters were able to cut away at tree branches under the water to free the calf and lead it to safety by 10:20am.

The calf was left in the care of a farmer.

Incident Images

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