Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Car rescued from floodwater

The Strood, West Mersea
30/04/2021 @ 02:55
Incident Number: 142482
In attendance: 1 x Tollesbury, 1 x West Mersea, 1 x Colchester (Swift Water Rescue),

Crews were called to The Strood, West Mersea, after a car became trapped in rising floodwater

Water rescue trained crews worked to release two people from their car and left them in the care of the Ambulance Service as a precaution.

Watch Manager Dave Farrant, West Mersea Fire Station, said:

"This incident shows how easy it can be to get into trouble in and around water. - never drive into floodwater or a rising tide, it's just not worth taking the chance.

"It's Water Awareness week this week and it's so important we keep spreading the message that people need to give water the respect it deserves."

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