Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


PHOTOS: Firefighters rescue fallen horse

Baker Street, Orsett
10/04/2021 @ 11:28
Incident Number: 142198
In attendance: 1 x Orsett, 1 x Chelmsford (Animal Rescue Unit)

Firefighters helped a 31-year-old horse back to its feet after it suffered a fall in Orsett this morning.

The horse, which weighs around 600 kilograms, was found on its side before crews arrived.

Firefighters worked alongside a local vet to ensure the animal was looked after and treated appropriately before specialist animal rescue equipment was used to lift it back to its feet.

The horse was moving freely again by 1.15pm.


Station Manager Dave Bond said: "I'm really proud of our crews and the way they worked together with the vet and site owners to make sure the horse was properly cared for at all times.

"This was a sensitive and complex situation, but thankfully the horse is back to its feet and free from any significant injuries."

Incident Images

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