Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Man rescued from water

Haye Lane, Fingringhoe
30/03/2021 @ 20:41
Incident Number: 141527
In attendance: 1 x Colchester, 1 x West Mersea, 1 x USAR

Firefighters were called by a concerned resident after they spotted a man stuck in a reed bed in a lake in Fingrighhoe.

The man had become stuck after he wandered out to the reed bed, but when the sun set he could not see a safe route to get back.

Firefighters specially trained in water rescues waded out to rescue the man. The man was checked over by the Ambulance Service but was luckily not injured.

Station Manager Dave Bond said:
"We'd like to remind everyone to take extra care when around water. We're getting to the time of year when people will be spending more time outside, and it's great fun to explore new places. But if you are near water please remember the risks and keep yourself safe.

"In this incident the light was a major factor, when the sunset, the man was not able to see a safe path to get back and was trapped. It was very lucky that the resident nearby spotted him and called 999."

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