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PHOTOS: Firefighters rescue horse

Holyoak Lane, Hawkell
20/03/2021 @ 12:11
Incident Number: 140917
In attendance: 1 x Hawkell, 1 x Chelmsford Animal Rescue Unit (ARU), 1 x Great Baddow

Firefighters helped Bert, a 26-year-old horse back onto his feet today after he had collapsed in his stable in Hawkwell.

Firefighters from Hawkell were joined by animal rescue trained firefighters from Chelmsford Fire Station and Great Baddow Fire Station to help move Bert out of his stable using a sled.

Once Bert was in an open area, the team used specialist rescue equipment to help him on his feet by 2:40pm and he happily trotted off.

He was left in the care of his owner.

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