Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Kitchen fire caused by cooking oil

Timberlog Lane, Basildon
17/03/2021 @ 18:09
Incident Number: 140775
In attendance: 2 x Basildon, 1 x Corringham, 1 x Wickford

Crews were called to a fire in a kitchen in a first-floor flat. 

On arrival firefighters reported that the kitchen was completely alight and worked to extinguish the fire by 6.33pm.

Station Manager Craig McLellan, Basildon Fire Station, said:

"Firefighters worked really well to contain the fire to the flat and stop it spreading to other properties or communal areas.

"The fire started after a pan of oil caught alight and the resident then tried to extinguish it with water. 

"If you ever find yourself faced with a cooking oil fire never pour water on it or try to use a tea towel to extinguish it. So many people still follow this outdated advice and it's so dangerous. If you're in this situation just get out, stay out and call 999."

The kitchen has been left with fire damage and there is smoke damage throughout the flat.

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