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PHOTOS: Firefighters prevent 12 houses from being flooded

The Waterings, Braintree
14/01/2021 @ 20:09
Incident Number: 137675
In attendance: 2 x Braintree, 2 x Maldon

On-call firefighters in Braintree spent nearly 3 hours preventing flood water entering 12 houses last night after the River Brain in Braintree burst its banks.

The team worked with on-call firefighters from Maldon who brought specialist equipment to help pump the water in sections away from the houses.

The team worked with the Environment Agency to put a padded boom around the river to prevent the water spreading while putting sandbags at the doors of each house to prevent water entering the properties. The team pumped the water in sections away from the river and around the houses.

Station Manager Steve Wintrip from Braintree Fire Station said: “Crews worked really hard in falling temperatures to prevent the water getting into the front doors and were there for several hours at the end of a particularly challenging day attending water related incidents.” 

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