Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Six crews extinguish fire at pet crematorium

Moreton Road, Ongar
15/12/2020 @ 21:27
Incident Number: 136162
In attendance: 2 x Harlow, 1 x Epping, 1 x Leaden Roding, 1 x Old Harlow, 1 x Brentwood, 1 x Basildon (water tender), 1 x Corringham (water bowser)


The fire was extinguished at 12.15am and three relief crews will remain at the scene into the morning.

There was an estimated 5,000 litres of kerosene in a fuel tank which will continue to burn off safely. 

Station Manager Craig McLellan said: "Crews worked incredibly hard and made really good progress to contain the fire to the outbuilding.

"A further investigation will take place with the owners of the site in the morning, but we do not believe the cause to be suspicious at this stage."


Six crews are tackling a fire at an outbuilding which contains a large amount of kerosene.

Firefighters were called to Moreton Road, Ongar today at 9.27pm and found a building used as a pet crematorium fully alight. The building measures approximately 30 metres by 10 metres.

Station Manager Craig McLellan said: "Crews worked hard to establish a water supply and are now protecting the surrounding area, including several other buildings."

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