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Dog accidentally starts kitchen fire - PHOTOS

St James Road, Braintree
13/11/2020 @ 15:30
Incident Number: 134416
In attendance: 2 x Braintree

Crews were called to a property in James Road, Braintree, after a family returned home from the school run to find a fire developing in their kitchen. 

Incident commander William McGrath said:

"When we arrived the family were safely outside their home. They had got out, stayed out and called 999, which was absolutely the right thing to do. 

"The fire started after the family dog jumped up to get to its food and accidentally turned on an electric hob.

"Thankfully the fire had not yet spread to the cupboards above, but this could have been a different outcome if the occupants did not return home when they did.

"Our advice is to keep all kitchen surfaces clear when you're not using them and turn off your hob and oven at the main switch."

Crews completely extinguished the fire by 3.55pm and then fitted two new smoke alarms. 

The property has suffered light smoke damage and fire damage to the extractor fan.

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