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Teenager gets out of smoke-filled home safely after being alerted by smoke alarm

Bostocke Close, Laindon
09/11/2020 @ 18:28
Incident Number: 134223
In attendance: 2 x Basildon

Firefighters have praised a teenager for his quick response after being alerted to a fire in his home.

After hearing the smoke alarm go off, the teenager noticed smoke had accumulated in the downstairs of the building. Following the fire service advice, he got out of the home safely and immediately dialled 999.

When crews arrived, they reported that the ground floor of the terraced home was completely smokelogged. Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire by 6.50pm, before using a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the home.

Howard Midwood, Watch Manager at Basildon Fire Station, said: "Thanks to his quick actions, this young man managed to stay out of harm's way and alert us as soon as possible - he did exactly what we recommend in the event of a fire: get out, stay out and call the fire service out.

"What this incident also shows is the importance of having a working smoke alarm. Without it, this fire would likely have become more serious before anyone even realised - so please, if you have a smoke alarm, make sure you test it regularly.

"We believe this fire was caused after an iron was left on the hob in the kitchen. Our advice is to keep your hob and cooking surfaces clear at all times - don't use them as storage areas. That means keeping teatowels, washing and any other materials like kitchen roll well away - they will ignite very easily."

The house has escaped serious damage beyond the effects of smoke in the kitchen area.

Not got a working smoke alarm in your home?

Smoke alarms are proven life savers. They give warning at the first sign of fire - often giving everyone the time they need to get safely out and call the fire service.

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