Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


100 tonnes of hay alight

Shalford Green, Shalford
31/07/2020 @ 17:00
Incident Number: 127742
In attendance: 1 x Wethersfield, 1 x Braintree, 1 x Halstead (water bowser)

Firefighters were called to a fire involved a 100 tonnes of baled hay in Shalford this afternoon.

Firefighters worked with the farmer to separate the unaffected hay from the hay on fire to stop the fire spreading. 

At 8pm one fire engine took over at the incident to ensure the fire burned safely under control.

Firefighters left the hay burned under control in the care of the farmer. Crews will re-visit the site daily to check the burn.


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All of the firefighters at this incident are on-call firefighters who live or work within 5 minutes of an on-call fire station and are paid to protect their local community.

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