Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Make-up mirror causes bedroom fire

Lee Wick Lane, St Osyth
15/06/2020 @ 11:56
Incident Number: 124822
In attendance: 1 x Clacton, 1 x Weeley

Firefighters have issued safety advice after sunlight, which was magnified by a make-up mirror left on a window sill, caused curtains to ignite.

Crews were called to reports of a house fire in Lee Wick Lane, St Osyth today at 11.56am.

They found a make-up mirror on a window sill was left in direct sunlight, which was reflected onto the curtains - causing them to ignite.

Crews made sure the fire, which was contained to the bedroom, was fully extinguished and were at the scene until 12.13pm.

Watch Manager Ben Turner said: "Thankfully the occupants noticed the fire quickly and there was only minor damage to the bedroom.

"Despite that, it could easily have been much worse and shows the dangers of leaving mirrors or any other glass objects, on window sills, particularly during warm, sunny weather."

"When the sun is more intense and out for much longer, incidents like this are surprisingly common and can be very serious.

"If you have a mirror in direct sunlight, there is a real risk of this happening in your home too. Please think carefully about where your mirrors are and move them if necessary."

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