Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Fire in third floor flat

Sutton Road, Southend
04/06/2020 @ 22:15
Incident Number: 124250
In attendance: 2 x Southend, 1 x Leigh, 1 x Rayleigh Weir, 1 x Shoeburyness, 1 x Rochford

Crews were called to a third floor flat after reports of a fire.

On arrival firefighters reported that several floors inside the building were smoke logged and one man was suffering from smoke inhalation. 

During the incident firefighters advised people to stay in their flats, as is the normal procedure for most high-rise blocks of flats.

Crews worked quickly to extinguish it by 10:45pm.

Crews then used positive pressure ventilation fans to clear the affected floors from smoke.

The casualty was left in the care of the Ambulance Service.

An investigation into the cause of the fire will be carried out tomorrow. 

Update Friday 5 June

Watch Manager Gary Finan, Southend Fire Station, said:

"We believe the fire was caused accidentally, possibly by a cigarette or incense stick, which caught alight to the sofa.

"When we arrived the resident of the affected flat was outside. As the fire was completely contained to his flat we advised people to stay put inside their own property, as this acts as a protective concrete shell and therefore this is the safest place they can be. 

"The building is big, and our hoses needed to run across a large area. With seven fire engines out the front and tens of firefighters working quickly with lots of equipment, it's a busy environment, so it's important that people follow the stay put policy when told to. 

"The corridor we were working in had four fire doors throughout, which were doing a good job of stopping the smoke spreading. The issue we had was when people opened doors to see what was happening, inadvertently letting smoke pass through. 

"Thankfully most people did stay in their flats, and we extinguished the fire quickly. The flat where the fire started has suffered from fire and smoke damage, but we were able to clear smoke from the corridors quickly. 

"My thanks also go to the Police, who assisted us in relaying our advice and safety messages to residents so they knew what to do."

Do you live in a high rise building?
It is important for your own safety to understand what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in your flat or somewhere else in the building. For more information on high rise fire safety visit


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