Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Oven fire

East Street, Southend
15/05/2020 @ 19:36
Incident Number: 122902
In attendance: 2 x Southend

Firefighters have praised the quick actions of residents who after spotting smoke in their kitchen, quickly shut the door, got out of the house and called the Fire Service out.

Crews from Southend were called to an oven fire in Southend just after 7:30pm.

On arrival, crews confirmed that the kitchen was heavily smoke logged and worked to extinguish the fire by 7:50pm.

The cause of the fire is believed to oven grease setting alight. 

Crew Manager Adam Paterson from Southend Fire Station said: “Because the residents shut the door before getting out of the house, staying out and calling us out, the damage to the property was contained to the oven. While the kitchen suffered some smoke damage, the rest of the house was ok.”

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