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Large barn fire - PHOTO

Robinhood End, Toppesfield
14/06/2018 @ 17:04
Incident Number: 79296
In attendance: 1 x Wethersfield, 3 x Halstead, 1 x Clare (SFRS), 1 x Thaxted, 1 x Braintree

Firefighters were called to a large barn of fire at a farm in Toppesfield this afternoon (Thursday 14 June).

In total, six fire engines and one water bower were requested to help tackle the fire.

The barn, which measured approximately 20m x 30m, was full of hay and a number of cylinders.

Due to the remote location of the incident, a water bowser (a specialist fire vehicle with a large tank of water) was requested so the firefighters could have a good supply of water to extinguish the fire.

At 7pm, the fire crews reported the fire was under control and only 30% of the building was still on fire.

At 8pm the incident was scaled down to four fire engines. Crews are making steady progress extinguishing the fire.

Due to the large amount of hay involved in the fire, crews monitored the fire carefully and protected the surrounding risks so the fire would not spread. The fire continued to burn out under the watch of one crew who stayed on site overnight.

Update 8am - It is expected that one fire crew will be needed to monitor the fire for the rest of the day so it can be monitored while it burns itself out.

The cause of the fire has been recorded as accidental.

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