Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


300 tonnes of hay alight in building

Manor Road, Woodham Walter
27/01/2018 @ 23:54
Incident Number: 71094
In attendance: 2 x Maldon, 1 x Witham

Firefighters were called to the scene of a fire within an agricultural building last night.

On arrival, crews reported that the building, which measures approximately 30 metres by 80 metres, was completely alight. Around 300 tonnes of hay was burning within the premises.

Due to the scale of the fire, firefighters gained control of it before then allowing it to largely burn itself out throughout the night.

At 8.22am, crews reported that the fire was well under control and spanned an area of four square metres. One fire engine remained at the scene to ensure the remaining hay burned safely, until it was completely extinguished at 9.33am.

The building has been badly damaged. An investigation found that the cause of the fire was deliberate.

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