Essex County Fire and Rescue Service



FireBike is our specific motorcycle safety initiative through which we engage positively with Essex’s motorcyclists on a range of safety and related issues. FireBike promotes safer riding, encourages further/advanced rider training and seeks to reduce the number of motorcycling casualties in Essex.

 In 2016 according to Essex Police, there were 263 motorcyclists killed or seriously injured (KSI) on the roads of Essex. Motorbikes account for just 0.8% of all traffic, yet they make up 26% of overall KSI figures, disproportionate to all other road users.

Our FireBike riders are all ROSPA Gold advanced motorcyclists and qualified RoSPA advanced riding instructors. As keen motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, the team engage with riders at motorcycle events and venues throughout Essex. They also run advanced machine skills courses and provide on-road training and assessments to help bikers improve their skills.

 Our key FireBike messages are:

  • Become a better rider
  • Train as if your life depends on it
  • Protect yourself and your pillion
  • Learn to share the road
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