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The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant (ACEPA)

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is planning to host the delivery of the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistants this year at our headquarters. The course aims to equip executive personal assistants with the skills and knowledge to meet the increasingly demanding roles that are expected of them in the modern corporate environment.

Opportunity exists for external delegates to attend at a reduced cost. This offer is principally made to personal assistants currently working to Brigade Managers and Directors.  Places will be limited but if you are interested and would like further details please contact Kathy Payne on 07500 096052 or in the first instance to discuss and register your interest.

Course details
Duration: 5 days

Course objectives
Aligning Operations to Strategy
• Corporate Vision and Mission
• How operations delivers the strategy
• Cascading objectives

Fundamentals of Modern Corporate Behaviour
• Exploring the characteristics of today's global business environment
• Understanding the role of the executive assistant in a global economy
• Why is the executive assistant more relevant than ever before?
• Corporate Social responsibility
• Business Ethics

Exploring Linkages between Strategy, Projects and Operations
• Strategy clarification
• Identifying structures, governance, systems and people capabilities
• Project alignment with strategy and organizational goals

Fundamentals of Project Management
• What is a project?
• Work Breakdown Structure
• Planning tools, Project risks
• Ways to compress a project’s schedule and budget
Project Governance
• Implementing effective Project Governance
• Controlling the project, including status meetings and issues management
• Controlling changes and closing out a project
• Managing effective meetings

Financial Statements
• Understanding the 4 key Financial Statements
People Management & Leadership
• Identify your leadership profile and explore how you can use this knowledge to create your own future
• Assess your leadership competencies and learn how you can develop your strengths
• Identify those additional skills and tools that can make you a better leader
Emotional Intelligence
• Know your inter-personal style and how your behaviour impacts others
• DISC personality profiling Effective Communication & Conflict Management
• Develop your ability to influence and communicate with others
• Understanding communication
• Diversity, assumptions and stereotypes
• Listening skills
• Verbal and non-verbal communication

Other Essential Management Skills
• Stakeholder Management
• Risk Management
• Managing Quality

Balanced Scorecards
• Understanding and measuring corporate performance
• Drilling down to the Executive Assistant role
• Measuring Success

Presentation & Report Writing Skills
• Oral versus written presentations
• Planning Presentations
• Overcoming Nervousness
• Report Writing
• Presentation Preparation
• The Speaking Voice

Problem Solving & Multitasking
• Differentiate and define various types of problems
• Root Cause Analysis
• Evaluate solutions and apply creative thinking techniques to problem solving
• Determine the decision objective
• Develop selection criteria & evaluate alternatives

Business Etiquette, Protocol & Diplomacy
• Cultural Awareness
• Understanding cross-cultural differences and awareness
Using technology in the 21st century
• Telephone courtesies
• Cell phone etiquette
• Email protocols

ACEPA™ Examination *
1 Personality Profiling Test
* Only those who successfully complete the examination and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Personal Assistant ACEPA™

About your trainer
Ian Shipley is a highly accomplished, passionate, visionary and results driven Executive who has spent more than 20 years at a senior level within the service sectors in UK FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies. Ian is a fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL). The common factor throughout Ian’s career has been a passion around service excellence and delivering results through highly motivated teams. Ian has been responsible for delivering major turn-around and business transformation through creating a culture where people feel comfortable to make decisions, take ownership and make it happen.

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