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Compartment Fire Behaviour Training - Initial Instructor BTEC Level 3 Course

EFA (Trading) Ltd is devoted to providing professional breathing apparatus trainers, in the highly specialised skill of compartment fire behaviour.This course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to deliver fire behaviour training to their staff.The course is a 60 hour qualification, comprising of two units of 30 hours each. To achieve the award the student must successfully complete the two core units. Unit 1: Fundamentals of Compartment Fire Behaviour and Unit 2: Application of Compartment Fire Behaviour Training.

Course Accreditation

This course has been accredited and awarded a BTEC Level 3 Award certificate through practical and theoretical assessment.

Course Details

Duration: 10 days

Course duration to be two weeks, with accommodation supplied if required.

Course Objectives

• Carbonaceous fire development
• Pyrolysis
• Risk assessment
• Recognition of flashover
• Recognition of backdraught conditions
• Branch techniques
• Practical firefighting, water application and door procedures
• Exercise planning, presenting, briefing and debriefing skills
• Classroom demonstrations
• Container system

About your trainers

Many of our trainers have delivered training across the UK and overseas. All of our trainers complete development plans to ensure that the highest standards are maintained, as well as continuous quality assurance assessments. The relevant CVs can be provided prior to the delivery of training, if required. As standard, our BA trainers have the following qualifications:

• BA Instructor
• Compartment Fire Behaviour Instructor
• Tactical Ventilation Instructor
• Formal Teaching Qualification

For further information and to book a place contact or call 01376 576980.

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