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Emergency SMS

Those who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment throughout the UK can now contact emergency services in an emergency via a text message.

This is an add on to the existing 999 emergency service that will make contacting an emergency service both quicker and easier for people unable to make voice calls.

The service is open to all mobile network operators and can be used to contact the fire and rescue service, police, ambulance and coastguard in an emergency.

To use this service you must register by sending a text containing the word ‘register’ to 999. This must be repeated if your number changes.

During an emergency texting 999 with the emergency service you require, a brief description of the emergency and where it is taking place will contact 999 call operators.

By sending an SMS message to 999 you have called for help, the emergency services will reply and appropriate action will be taken.

It is recommended that once the text is sent, the phone is left on and if a reply is not received within three minutes, other methods should be used as before to contact services.

For more information on Emergency SMS click here

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