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Donations & Loans

The Essex Fire Museum is always happy to receive donations or loans of specific items that will enhance the museum’s collection and help tell the history of fire brigades in Essex.


If you have something you wish to donate or loan to the museum, please make sure you contact the museum team before you make your decision. Our collecting policy is generally restricted to items associated with the fire brigades of Essex, both municipal and private, within the pre-1965 local government boundaries. This brings the former County Boroughs of East Ham, West Ham and Southend within our remit. We will also consider items from the National Fire Service (NFS) and Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS).


Photographs or documents, which can be identified by family members or by inscriptions written on them, are most welcome. We are always happy to copy any original photos or documents and return them to their owners.


Please do not be offended if the item/s you donate do not go on display immediately. It is important that the museum keeps a reserve collection, which is used to rotate artifacts on display with those in storage. This helps to keep our collection more interesting and in good condition. From time to time displays will be changed to reflect different aspects of the fire service.


Although we prefer items to be donated, we are pleased to accept items on loan. If you wish your item to be on loan to the museum, you will be asked to sign a loan agreement for a specific period of time. During that time period we strongly advise that you consider insuring the item/s.


Please do not bring items to the Museum without contacting the museum first and without a prior appointment.


You can email the museum via

or call Dan Bailey, Heritage and Volunteer Lead, on 07710 953825.


Please do not contact other members of the museum team in respect of donations or loans.


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