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Over the years, we have expanded our courses and have written bespoke programmes to meet strategic government agendas so we are able to engage with some of the hardest to reach people in Essex.

Essex is proud to work with a number of partners every year to help them reach various aims and objectives to improve the lives and increase the confidence and self-esteem of people they work with. Our rigorous and thorough evaluation process of Firebreak allows us to work with organisations over and over as they can be confident that we can provide the necessary information to show our scheme has worked for them.

Firebreak is broken down into four different areas each with specific themes that target different issues.
• Fire Fit
• Fire Inspire
• Fire Respect
• Fire Empower   

Fire Fit includes added information and advice required to make healthier lifestyle and nutritional choices. The course will focus on consequences of their lifestyle and diet choices and the importance of staying fit for life. The fitness levels required to gain entrance into the service is also explored.

Fire Inspire is our traditional programme addressing confidence building, increasing self-esteem and team working skills.

Fire Respect offers agencies an opportunity to tailor the course around the needs of the participants. It includes the same basic framework of the traditional Firebreak but can include but is not limited to:

• Safe sex and teenage pregnancy
• Young offending and anti-social behaviour
• Alcohol and drugs abuse
• Domestic violence
• Importance of worthwhile and fulfilling relationships
• Community engagement
• Bullying and cyber safety

Fire Empower looks at preparing people for employment. Community engagement and volunteering are explored and encouraged. Sessions can include CV preparation and interview techniques.

Firebreak has been recognised over the last five years with a number of awards. In 2011, we won the Fire Safety Education Award at the Emergency Services Awards. We were also highlighted at the Tilley Awards in 2011 as an example of best practice. We were a finalist in the Guardian Public Services Awards in 2013 for Partnership Excellence and a finalist in the Children & Young People Now Awards 2014 for Early Intervention.  We were also presented our World Downs Syndrome Day Award by Downs Syndrome International in 2014 for our innovative work with Extra 21 charity. Most recently in 2016, we are finalist in the Essex Business Awards for our bespoke programmes around the County.

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