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Education (Schools)

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and Essex Police started a collaboration project in 2016. As part of this, Education Officers address both home safety and crime prevention topics. The Education team visit schools throughout Essex and see approximately 140,000 children each year.

Our schools team has been in place for more than 10 years. Each Education Officer has substantial experience and expertise in delivering safety messages to children and use age appropriate packages when visiting schools. It is our aim to give children the knowledge to prevent the risk of fire at home and understand the importance of home security. We also discuss the consequences of committing arson or making hoax calls, crime prevention, cyber safety and road safety. The skills and knowledge gained through our Education programmes can be used by children throughout their lives and into adulthood.

Our dedicated team of Education Officers deliver key safety message to Key stage 2 and 3 children using specially designed interactive schools programmes. Every school in the County is contacted and offered our core school programmes, as listed below.

  • Year 3 Home Safety Programme - Staff from our education team visit schools to help develop fire safety awareness skills of Year 3 pupils and promote the importance of home security. In this programme there is an emphasis on pupils taking greater responsibility for their own safety.
  • Year 6 Cyber Safety Programme - Children are given key information on the dangers of internet predators, prevention of cyber bullying and keeping our online data safe.
  • Year 7 ‘Heat of the Moment’ Programme - The ‘Heat of the Moment’ programme has been specifically designed to reduce the incidence of hoax calls and deliberate fire setting. It is delivered by our team of dedicated Education Officers.
  • Year 7 – Pedestrian Safety. The ECFRS ‘Making a Safer Journey’ programme aims to raise awareness of the dangers on today’s roads. Education officers visit local schools and help students to negotiate safer every day journeys.
  • Year 8 – Home Safety Programme. Staff from our Education team visit schools and give students key information around fire prevention, making an escape plan and general home security.
  • Year 9 – Healthy Relationships Programme.  Children are given key information around the dangers of grooming, Child Sexual Exploitation and the importance of positive relationships with friends, partners and family.

Our education programmes are free of charge and open to all primary schools and secondary schools in Essex.

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When we visit schools, the students often make designs and posters showing some of the safety messages they have learnt.  Please click here to see some examples of their fantastic work.



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