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Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew is a national multi-agency safety education initative aimed at school children aged 10-11yrs.

Our part of Crucial Crew, which is delivered by our Volunteers, is to educate the children about fire safety at home.

We use an interactive game to cover the following three important points of fire safety:

  • Prevention
    Students will be able to define a fire hazard; identify potential hazards in the home and means of ‘making safe’ where possible.
  • Detection
    Students will be able to recognise the importance of having working smoke alarms in the home.
  • Escape
    Students will understand how to respond to a smoke alarm. The three outs – GET OUT, STAY OUT, CALL THE FIRE SERVICE OUT.

If you are planning a Crucial Crew event in Essex and would like us to be involved, please complete our booking form at least four weeks before your event, and we will confirm our attendance as soon as possible.


Notes to requesters:
In order to deliver these lessons, each school/venue must be able to provide a method of displaying the game via a screen or projector. Free Wi-Fi is also required.

If Wi-Fi and projector/screen is not available then an alternative session will be delivered which is aligned to the electronic version as close as possible.

Crucial Crew is delivered by Essex County Fire and Rescue Service Volunteers and while every effort is made to ensure each commitment is honoured, we may not always be in a position to attend every day. Should this occurr an alternative product will be made available to be delivered by a responsible person attending the event.

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