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Emergency response during coronavirus pandemic

Calling 999
As always, if you believe there is an emergency call 999 immediately. We will always respond and be there for you when you need us in an emergency.

Our response and services

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) is an emergency service, and rest assured, there is currently no change to the way we will respond to incidents. Keeping people who live, work and travel in Essex safe is our priority. Whatever the situation, we will always be there for you if you need us in an emergency. 

Though the situation involving coronavirus (COVID-19) is unprecedented, ECFRS has a robust operational and business continuity plan which we regularly update and test, so that in events such as this, we are prepared and confident in meeting these challenges. We intend to use operational staff who are not currently on front line duty to provide resilience to our frontline services if needed, increase remote working across our whole Service and reduce non-essential interaction with our public, but not at the expense of upholding our emergency service.    

As always, ECFRS is working hard to maintain communication and engagement with the public. While it has been necessary to postpone forums such as public meetings and events such as car washes and station visits, we will continue to deliver safety messages and updates though our website, social media channels and via local media. 

We've changed the way we carry out our home fire safety and safe and well visits we, prioritising them for people who are particularly vulnerable to the risk of fire. During this time we will provide home safety advice over the phone, and ensure more staff than ever are available to reassure, educate and advise anyone who needs this information. 

As this situation develops, and more people stay at home because they are social distancing or self-isolating, there is a chance we could see an increase in accidental house fires. This is because people are at a higher risk of these types of incidents while they are at home. We are already increasing our safety messaging around these types of incidents as well as advertising our home safety phone number: 0300 303 0088

For more information on our home safety service visit

In these unprecedented times it is difficult to know when official advice will change, but we will always work to keep our public updated whenever we can on our latest information and advice. 

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