Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Working together to protect diverse communities

A special event looking at the best way to spread prevention and protection advice to Asian communities took place at Essex County Fire and Rescue service’s Headquarters yesterday as the Asian Fire Service Association (AFSA) held a regional development day.

Partners from organisations including Essex Police, the Herts and Essex Air Ambulance trust, local authority safety partnerships and other fire services from the south east came together to learn the best ways to reach Asian communities and ensure that they get all the fire prevention advice they need to stay safe.

The main focus of the development day was on creating safer and more resilient communities through partnership working explored through a series of workshops and presentations.

It also looked at the troubling issue of radicalisation among young Asian people, the impact that is having on the Asian community and the work which Fire Services and partners can do help steer young people away from the radical agenda.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill said: “AFSA have delivered some excellent work and are a huge support to our workforces across the country. I was very interested to hear what other Services are doing to reach minority groups and vulnerable people in our communities.

“The presentation on the radicalisation of youngsters was a real eye opener; it is little to do with core religious beliefs and much more to do with a troubled person trying to make sense of their chaotic world and being led astray by a warped version of the truth, nothing to do with race or religion in many cases. I look forward to the next AFSA event.”

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