Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Walk and Talk comes to Clacton

More than 20 people have taken part in a Service-led walk to help tackle isolation within Clacton’s community.

ECFRS Community Connector Les Nicoll organised the three-mile ‘Walk and Talk’ from Clacton Pier on Friday, March 4.

The event was set up to help vulnerable people in the community feel less lonely and meet new friends as they enjoy a chat and a healthy walk at the same time.

The trek also gave Les the opportunity to give some lifesaving home safety and fire prevention advice.

He said: “Walk and Talk Clacton has been very successful. Last week the sun was shining and everyone was in good spirits so we had a good walk and a nice time.

“The walk gave us the opportunity to meet lots of new people, many of who are isolated within their communities. It also gives me a chance to pass on fire safety messages while making sure the Service plays its part in helping the most vulnerable members of Clacton’s community.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part and helped during the walk.”

The next Clacton Walk and Talk starts at 10.00am from Clacton Pier on Friday, April 1.





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