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Volunteers' life saving visit

Home Safety Volunteers have saved a man's life after they spotted dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide in his home in Chelmsford.

ECFRS volunteers Dave Groves and Peter Glover were carrying out a home safety visit when their carbon monoxide detectors recorded deadly readings on Monday, January 11.

The monitors showed CO levels of over 100 parts of per million - almost four times over the recommended safe level of below 30ppm.

Dave and Peter, who have completed over 300 home safety visits, acted by turning off the cooker, opened windows and contacted the National Grid emergency number.

Once the building was made safe they installed a working smoke alarm.

Peter said: “Our carbon monoxide detectors were signalling extremely high readings in the hallway as we entered the property.

“The elderly occupier was using his grill to keep warm and was oblivious to the dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide it was creating.

“Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelt, it’s a silent killer. This man was very fortunate, if he spent too much more time in those conditions it could easily have killed him.

"It was lucky that we went to visit him, as soon as the alarm went off we knew something was badly wrong. Our volunteering gives us a chance to help all sorts of people and in this case that help could very well have been life saving."

Home Safety Volunteers work alongside ECFRS Home Safety Technicians by carrying out home safety visits across the County.

They also participate in local safety promotion events and activities.

Paul Hill, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, said: “It is no exaggeration to say that Dave and Peter saved this man’s life. Thanks to the training and equipment they have they were able to quickly identify the problem then take the action to make sure he is safe in his home.

“Our team of dedicated volunteers help us visit far more hundreds of homes every year making thousands of people safer. The service we provide is so much more than fire safety, we are working to help make people and communities safer in every way.”

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