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Volunteer Alex to join the crew at Wivenhoe

Alex Hough has become the first Essex County Fire and Rescue Service Volunteer to become a firefighter, combing his countywide volunteering role with serving the communities of Wivenhoe.

Alex joined the Service’s team of dedicated volunteers last May Alex is now training to become part of the crew at Wivenhoe Fire Station.

He said: “I applied for both roles at the same time and have been working as a volunteer for the last nine months as I went through the process of becoming part of the retained crew at Wivenhoe.

“I thought that the volunteering was a great way to get some experience of the fire service. It’s been a fantastic opportunity. Most of the volunteering I have done has involved visiting people in their homes, giving fire safety advice and installing smoke alarms.”

Alex has re-arranged his work life to make sure that he can provide much needed day cover for Wivenhoe’s retained crew. The self-employed courier moved his business to Wivenhoe and makes sure that any job he does will not take him far from the fire station.

“I will be combining my work as a firefighter with volunteering from now on,” said Alex. “I have committed to provide day cover at Wivenhoe but I will still be offering my time as a volunteer at weekends and in the evenings. There is real variety of roles as a volunteer and it is something I enjoy doing so I intend to combine the two.”

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