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Video launched to prevent slips, trips and falls

A new video which aims to prevent slips, trips and falls in the home was launched last Friday (January 29) at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s Headquarters.

The video, which the Service has produced with BOC and Provide, will help raise awareness and prevent slips, trips and falls among the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Andre Turner, ECFRS’s Arson Prevention and Home Safety Manager said:  “Our home fire safety technicians and volunteers visit 200 homes in Essex every week, to help keep them safe from fire. Our Service is continuingly looking for ways we can help keep people safer in their homes beyond fire safety advice. By joining up with partners such as BOC and Provide, we can help spread awareness for hazards in the home which could cause a slip, trip or fall.”

Gary Lydford, BOC Healthcare Team Manager said: “We will be using this video to train our technicians to identify potential trip hazards in our clients homes. While our staff are visiting homes to install oxygen systems, they can now also provide advice about how the occupants can make sure their home is free of all potential trip hazards, not just their oxygen system tubing.

Claire Aldridge, Carecall Service Manager, Provide said: “This video is a fantastic resource we will be using to train our staff to help raise awareness and prevent falls. We will be taking the video to GP surgeries and coffee mornings to raise awareness to people who are vulnerable to slips, trips and falls at home.

You can watch the video here:

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