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Video highlights the importance of fire safety around home oxygen systems

A shocking new video highlighting the importance of fire safety for oxygen users will be launched at Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s Kelvedon Park Headquarters on Thursday February 5.

The video, which the Service has produced with BOC, shows how a quickly a fire can take hold when cigarettes are smoked around an oxygen user. It takes less than 10 minutes for the entire room to be completely engulfed in flames.

Andre Turner, Arson Prevention and Home Safety Manager, said: “Home Oxygen systems are used by people with respiratory illnesses and are in a lot of homes throughout the UK.

“They can create an oxygen rich atmosphere which helps fire to take hold a lot more easily. We have produced this video in conjunction with BOC to help give the people who use oxygen the guidance they need to stay safe as they use them.

“The video shows what happens when someone smokes a cigarette while using their oxygen system. In less than 10 minutes, thanks to the oxygen rich atmosphere, the entire room is alight.

“Everything about the video is entirely genuine. We sat a mannequin in a furnished room and remotely lit a cigarette with the oxygen on. The film then shows how quickly the fire spreads.

“It will be distributed to home oxygen users throughout the country. We have already had orders from more than 20 fire services to request copies of the DVD to use.

“Fire safety is of vital importance to oxygen users and this video will help them, and the people who care for them, take the right precautions to stay safe.”

The Service also signed a memorandum of understaning which will see a closer working relationship between ECFRS and BOC. It was signed by Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Hill and BOC's Business Manager for Homecare Veronique McKellican.


Awareness and Safety Trainging: Oxygen Therapy from ECFRS on Vimeo.

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