Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Thatched Owners Seminar

A special seminar for the owners of thatched roof properties will be held at Newport Fire Station on September 12.

The seminar will give thatched homeowners all the help and advice they need to make sure that they take the extra fire safety precautions these properties demand.

Presentations will include fire safety information and advice to owners from Sub Officer Neil Byford, of Newport Fire Station who will talk about the difficulties crews encounter at incidents involving thatched homes as well as how homeowners can help the fire service by providing the right information when crews first arrive.

Station Officer James Taylor said: “We must all make sure that we are fire safe, but those in thatched homes face greater risks and must take even more precautions.

“These seminars will help arm people living in thatched properties with the knowledge they need to keep themselves and their homes safe.”

The visitors will also receive input from insurers, thatcher’s and an organization that can fit sprinkler systems into properties of either a specialist or historical nature.

The seminar takes place at 19:30hrs on September 12 at Newport Fire Station Debden Road, Newport.

For further details of the event please contact James Taylor on 01376 345537 or email

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