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Stay Fire Safe on holiday - come rain or shine

As the school holidays get underway this weekend families will be heading off on their holidays and more and more cost conscious Brits are planning a staycation heading off with a caravan or tent in tow to enjoy the English countryside, and weather!

Even though the holidays seem to have got off to a wet start it’s still important to stay fire safe when you are away in your caravan or tent.

By following our advice you can make sure that the only hitch in your holiday will be finding something to do in the wet weather and not the potentially devastating effects of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

•    Fit and regularly test a smoke alarm in your caravan.
•    To avoid a build up of poisonous gases make sure the caravan is ventilated, and never block air vents.
•    Never use candles in or near a tent – torches are safer.
•    Don’t smoke inside tents.
•    Never bring a barbeque inside a tent or caravan. They create deadly carbon monoxide gas which will soon fill an enclosed space suffocating all sleeping inside.

Divisional Officer Neil Fenwick said: “Despite the wet weather this weekend thousands of us head off for our holidays and it is important that we stay fire safe while we’re away.

“The most important thing to remember is to never bring a barbecue inside a tent or caravan. They create deadly carbon monoxide gas which can easily kill you as you sleep. So if you are going camping or caravanning wrap up warm and pack a few extra sleeping bags or blankets.”

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